It’s been an exciting year in the training industry, filled with so much transformation and change. Learning and development professionals have spent the year embracing informal learning as an effective means of training. From coaching to storytelling, the spotlight has been on helping the learner receive valuable information in the shortest amount of time.

Customizing learning pathways, microlearning and developing effective leaders have been key focus areas this year. With the rise of new learning technologies inundating the market, training professionals are staying focused on outcomes and only selecting the tools that will enable them to meet their goals and objectives.

These themes were among those reflected in the top articles published on and in Training Industry Magazine, with authors and business experts from around the world sharing thoughts and ideas with readers. Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on those insights and inspirations by reviewing some of the most-read articles in 2017. These articles are listed in no particular order.

Here are the Top 10 articles of 2017 from

Here are the Top 10 articles of 2017 from Training Industry Magazine:

With readers showing a vested interested in planning and analyzing the future of the training industry, our annual key trends report continues to be a top article each year. For a look ahead, please read the “Key Trends for 2018” article, as well as our special report on “The Future of Corporate Learning.”

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