Bandwidth is about more than just the capacity of things; it’s also about the capacity of people — their time, resources and capabilities.

Inequalities in this kind of bandwidth impact training on both sides of the equation. Trainers need sufficient bandwidth in the form of resources and knowledge to evolve their curriculum, training style and delivery methods to meet ever-changing needs. And learners need adequate bandwidth to participate in training, absorb the materials, actually learn from them and put what they’ve learned into action.

This white paper investigates bandwidth beyond the literal translation to examine the broader training infrastructure:

  • How the trainer’s level of training, the use of learner analytics and learners’ cultural differences can impact employee learning, development and workplace training programs.
  • Strategies and tactics companies can use to help overcome the barriers created by inequalities in bandwidth.
  • Bandwidth boosters — solutions that companies can put in place now to reduce bottlenecks in training and create an innovative, effective growth-oriented culture.

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