Executive leadership surveys suggest that the talent pool is becoming more and more drained, with 51% of executive respondents saying that there’s “not enough people with the right skill set.”

The timeline to fill key positions may put organizations at risk of underperformance and reduce growth potential. Outsourcing learning and development (L&D) talent may be the most viable solution for dealing with the current shortage the industry is facing.

Download this guide to learn about the benefits of working with a staff augmentation vendor to support your L&D team, including:

    • Increased agility.
    • Reduced time-to-fill.
    • Ability to source specialized talent.
    • Added diversity and innovation to your team.

You’ll also learn about key features to look for in a vendor:

    • Dedicated training staff pool with fully verified L&D talent.
    • Diverse talent to match your desired traits with the right staff.
    • Flexibility to adapt to your unique requirements, schedules and specifications.
    • Ability to adapt to changes quickly and provide agility in service.
    • Intimate knowledge of your company culture to ensure quick alignment of new hires.