Top-performing business owners know there’s no “secret” to success, but rather a commitment to working hard every day to keep both customers and employees happy. The old adage “you get out of it what you put into it” is often repeated for good reason. In any industry, achieving and maintaining success means a constant investment of time, money and energy.

One way businesses stay at the top of their game is by continuing to invest in their greatest asset – employees. The best, most successful organizations offer programs to develop their team members, helping them define and identify career goals and chart their long-term career path with the company. Training instills and reinforces brand culture in order to increase employee loyalty and retention. Driving the professional development of your team leads to growth and profit for the company.

In addition to employee relationships, successful companies build lifetime relationships with customers by providing a superior product and an expert level of service. To be the worldwide leader in a category, it is vital that every member of the team represents that knowledge and expertise. When employees become experts at ensuring lasting and positive experiences for customers, it leads to a positive reputation that can be leveraged for word-of-mouth and future sales.

The reality is, you can’t afford not to invest in employee training when you consider the cost of turnover. When one worker leaves, productivity declines and sales begin to slip. Morale also takes a downward turn when other members of your team have to work harder to cover. Then there’s the cost of time and money to find and hire a replacement.

Today’s workers, particularly millennials, are seeking employment that allows them to learn new skills. Give employees new tools to ‘sharpen the saw’ in their daily work environment, but also ongoing opportunities for career development. From mentorship programs and live seminars to classes and in-field training, there is no shortage of ways to engage your employees. With today’s advanced video and recording technology, companies can even offer an online learning management system to reach teams around the world. Whether a company’s training takes place on-site or online, the benefits are great.

Improved morale and job satisfaction. Training instills loyalty and commitment from good workers. When employees are given educational opportunities to learn new skills and gain confidence in their abilities, they also gain a greater sense of pride. Good employees are inevitably going to be looking for the next challenge. Offer them ways to learn and grow right where they are, and they will be more likely to stay. Allow them to become stagnant, repeating tasks they have already mastered with nothing new on which to set their sights, and you can bet they will be setting their sights on a new company.

Greater sales and customer service. Professionals with better skills will also deliver better output in your workplace. Today’s business world is moving fast, and everyone is competing within ever-changing environments. Employees must be depended upon to solve problems and think quickly on their feet. Management training in customer service, including effective selling techniques and courses on customer satisfaction, can cultivate customer loyalty. If technical excellence is a foundation of your company, then hands-on coursework coupled with leading-edge technology should be found at every available area of study and skill type. There’s not a single job that doesn’t benefit from continuously learning how to do it better and how to better help the customer. When employees – from the technical or service level all the way up to top management – are growing and being challenged to develop new strategies or ideas, your customers and your bottom line will benefit.

To remain at the forefront of any industry, the most important constant of all is a commitment to excellence in every phase of performance and customer satisfaction. Never stop striving. Never stop learning.