The problem with big messaging launches, new product rollouts, and stand-alone training events? They don’t make the impact they should because they’re not suited to the way salespeople actually learn.

Salespeople are situational learners who learn best in the moment of greatest need. That’s why your messaging and skills coaching content should be situational, too.

Situational learning that unites your marketing launches and sales training into a single experience is taking off. This new e-book, “Enabling the Just-in-Time, Situational Learner,” explores what’s making it possible and how it helps salespeople learn and execute better on the strength of:

  • Tested and proven messaging frameworks that salespeople can put into action, helping them master the key stories they need to succeed
  • Skills training competencies that are chunked up, virtualized and matched to key messages in the customer lifecycle
  • Integrated, interactive formats that can be accessed anytime and anywhere by salespeople

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