If you’re preparing to launch a sales training initiative, you may be weighing the pros and cons of using in-house resources or outsourcing to a dedicated sales training organization.

On the surface, using existing internal resources can seem like the most cost-effective option, and you may feel it’s the only way to achieve the level of customization that you need. However, in many cases, outsourcing sales training is far and away a better option. Here are five reasons why.

1. Outsourcing Training Improves ROI

Lowering cost is a common reason why organizations deliver training with in-house resources. While upfront costs may be higher for outsourced training, having your program designed and delivered by training experts will result in a much greater return on investment (ROI) in the end.

A trusted sales training solution provider will have the experience necessary to design and deliver training that:

  • Focuses on the areas that will drive the greatest performance lift.
  • Engages training participants so there’s more knowledge retention.
  • Solidifies training concepts with a strategic coaching and reinforcement program.

If you’re going to invest resources into a sales training program (including the time investment from your sales team), be sure that it will deliver a solid ROI.

2. Outsourcing Improves Training Quality

No matter how skilled your in-house L&D team is, nothing compares to the quality that a dedicated sales training solution provider can achieve. Look for a partner with a proven track record of developing, improving, delivering and optimizing its training. In addition, its training approach should reflect the latest sales performance research and adult learning theory.

Having an internal learning and development (L&D) function will only enhance the training, as your team will be able to partner with the provider, collaborating to deliver the most impactful training possible. An expert sales training organization will also provide:

  • The latest and best tools and technology.
  • Best practice processes and approaches.
  • Highly trained and specialized training personnel.

3. Outsourcing Enables You to Customize According to Best Practices

Outsourcing your sales training doesn’t mean you have to settle for off-the-shelf training. A good sales training organization will partner with you to understand your unique needs and challenges and will customize a training program that is tailored to your sales team.

High-quality customized training goes beyond using your logo on the program slides. A provider with many years of experience will understand the best practices of the customization process and how to collect information while limiting disruption of your team. It can help you identify your goals and incorporate the precise case studies, exercises and role-plays to permanently influence your sales team’s behavior — resulting in improved performance after training.

4. Outsourcing Gives You Access to Up-to-date Enablement Technologies

Technology has made training both simpler and more complex. With the latest technologies, sales reps have access to on-the-spot training resources, reminders, reinforcement and real-time feedback. Training can be interactive, immersive, and deeply responsive and customized.

However, the large number of technology options can take years of research and practice to sort through, organize and optimize for your particular needs. When you outsource, you receive access not only to decades of training experience but to experience and subject matter knowledge about the best technologies — as well as instant access to them without having to make purchases. Outsourcing can also expand your training capabilities by providing you with e-learning or blended approaches.

5. Outsourcing Training Enables Faster Rollout

The planning and design stages of a sales training initiative can take a great deal of time and energy when you are building from the ground up. When you partner with a reputable training provider, its expertise and established processes can help you launch your training program quickly and efficiently. Depending on the level of customization you’re seeking and the scope of the project, a provider can design and deliver an outsourced training program within eight to 12 weeks.

The Bottom Line

Sales training is a key factor in developing a high-performing sales team, but the results will vary depending on the quality of the training and the methods in which it’s delivered and reinforced.

In many cases, organizations yield better results when they partner with a sales training expert to complete such a critical undertaking. Give your training initiative the best chance of success by researching top sales training companies — and partnering with the one that understands your challenges and is ready to work with you to design a solution that creates the biggest impact for your team.