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How to Coach Your Team Remotely

3 min read
Successful sales managers adapt to change and adopt the coaching practices best suited to their team members while working from home.
Two businessmen shaking hands, close up shot on hand shake

Sales Training M&As: Trends and Predictions for 2020

3 min read
If the end of 2019 was any indication, the sales training market is positioned to thrive in 2020. To better understand the trends driving the market, let’s reflect on some of the major sales training M&As that closed out 2019.
Businesswoman smiling and receiving coaching from female sales manager in brightly lit office

Why More Sales Leaders Are Investing in Sales Coaching

3 min read
Sales coaching, the process of developing people to achieve excellence and performance by helping them master skills, is growing in importance. In a technology-enabled sales environment, companies have rediscovered the value of communication skills.