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4 Key Questions for Better Sales Forecasting Training

6 min read
Accurate and reliable forecasting has the power to transform a sales organization — and the credibility of the sales leader. Improve your sales forecasting with a proven framework and buyer-centric qualification process.
Business People Analyzing Statistics Financial Concept

Every Employee Needs Sales Skills to Thrive

3 min read
The same skills deployed by your sales team are also invaluable to individuals not in sales roles. Skills associated with sales can enhance interactions between your employees and customers, among team members and with management.
Businessman using a computer to interact with a virtual screen dashboard with project management with icons of scheduling, budgeting, communication.
Adding AI to your sales training is the key to moving forward with this technology and keeping your trainees abreast of new technologies. Here, we will discuss how AI can impact sales prospecting and the need to integrate AI training into sales training.
Co-workers are gathered in an office around a table. One is standing and smiling at everyone
Many companies focus their sales training on the nuts and bolts, such as technical skills and selling strategies, often overlooking what could be the most crucial aspect of sales development: empathy. Discover the importance of empathy in sales training.