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woman's hands flipping through a notebook; sitting at a table with laptops and business charts

What’s Better Than Revenue?

4 min read
Profit is better than revenue! Unfortunately, many business owners and sales professionals either don’t know the difference or aren’t paying attention to profit. While it is a fact that all businesses need revenue, what they really need is good...
woman speaking into a headset and looking at a desktop monitor

How to Make the Perfect Sales Call

3 min read
The phone is one of the best ways to connect, serve and build relationships, so it’s important to teach your sales team how to make successful sales calls. Here are some tips for them to improve their calls.
woman drawing a diagram in a notebook

The Power of the Playbook

3 min read
An effective combination of training and tools to reinforce and support the training leads to better outcomes. Playbooks are a powerful tool to help business teams not only to act as one but also to adapt as one.
desk with a small potted succulent, a laptop and a cup of coffee

How Sustainment Builds a Culture of Growth

3 min read
Traditional ideas about sustainment are often incomplete. They miss the crucial idea that true sustainment means constant improvement. Without regular improvement, sales professionals stand still while the competition moves forward.