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businessman looking at a piece of paper with charts on it and taking notes; on his desk is other papers with charts and a coffee mug

Assessing a Large Sales Organization

Sponsored26 sec read
Getting an accurate pulse on a large sales organization is like getting input from 500 people about an upcoming dinner party — it’s not easy. And if you miss the mark, the most vocal people in the company will communicate how they feel about the...
two businesswomen and two businessmen standing in front of a white board and discussing work; one man is holding a laptop

The Sales Training Dilemma … and the LPAC Solution

25 sec read
This timely white paper explores the reasons for the lack of "return on learning" for sales organizations and defines a practical approach to move beyond a learning journey to a measurable performance journey that drives improved business outcomes.
two women meeting

Creating Impactful Sales Coaching Role-plays

4 min read
Role-playing exercises are one of the best tools to use in sales coaching. With that in mind, here is a guide to creating impactful role-play scenarios for your team.
businesswoman looking out the window of her executive office

Six Symptoms It’s Time for You to Invest in Your Sales Leaders

19 sec read
Most sales training has targeted sales representatives, while typical sales management training focuses only on how to coach or reinforce a particular selling methodology. Download this infographic to determine if it's time to invest in your sales...