Employee turnover is expected to increase in 69% of organizations over the next year, according to research by the Brandon Hall Group. The Great Resignation isn’t over by a long shot — but perhaps we can flip the coin and view it as The Great Onboarding.

The core importance of onboarding practices has never changed. The struggle today is for organizations to quickly achieve readiness for newly hired individuals and teams, then prepare them to meet their personal and organizational goals in an aligned manner.

Download this e-book, co-produced by Brandon Hall Group and NovoEd, to learn how to build an onboarding process that is adaptable, personalized at scale and able to create connections for an increasingly isolated workforce.

This e-book provides insights on how to:

  • Ensure a successful experience for employee and employer.
  • Use assessments to improve retention, proficiency and cultural assimilation.
  • Automate tactical requirements in order to create human, personalized onboarding experiences.