Shifts in the global job economy are rapidly changing the way each of us manages our career. Gone are the days where people joined organizations with the expectation of being there for the duration of their careers. It’s up to each of us to proactively plan and manage our career paths. Deciding to pursue a professional training certification is a great step in the right direction toward preparing yourself for a career in a field many organizations are increasingly relying on to upskill their workforce. To boost the impact of earning a specialized credential, many professional associations and organizations now issue a verifiable digital credential upon completion, making the achievement visible and shareable.

Earning a training certification gives you new competencies, skills and abilities to manage the training needs of your organization, and a digital credential demonstrates your new expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned professional who wants to track the competitive job market, or you’re new to the training industry, a digital credential contains a wealth of information and even connections to new opportunities to advance your career.

The Value of a Digital Credential

At their core, digital credentials are portable and verifiable in real time. Any time employers or professional partners view your digital credential, they can verify your certification instantly. Plus, they can learn more about the specific competencies and skills you have mastered, whether it’s how to manage a high-performance training organization, leverage technology to enhance organizational learning, or align training and business needs.

Boost Your Personal Brand

Whether you’re expanding your network, vying for a promotion or looking to make a career change, sharing a digital badge is an easy way to move the needle. According to LinkedIn, individual profiles with digital badges are viewed six times more than those without. That means every time you share your badge, it enables professional partners, employers and potential employers to recognize your achievements.

Three Ways to Share Your Credential

Digital credentials are portable and shareable. You own and control your digital, and you can choose when and how you share it. Here are three ways to share your digital credential for maximum impact:

  1. Make your digital credential a permanent part of your LinkedIn profile. This enables employers and professional partners to learn more about your training management competencies and skills when they find you on LinkedIn.
  2. Embed your credential in your resume, digital portfolio and email signature. Linking to your badge helps set you apart and allows the recipient to click on the badge to learn more about your certification.
  3. Share the credential on other professional networking or social media sites. Most badging platforms are integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other sites for seamless sharing.

Unlock Labor Market Insights

Some digital credentials, offered through enterprise-class platforms, also come with benefits like access to extensive labor market insights. These insights can help you plan your next career move and stay current in your industry by seeing exactly what types of jobs, which employers and what locations are in demand for your skills. Labor market insights can also provide access to job opportunities from top employers specifically seeking professionals who have earned a professional training credential, as well as potential salary ranges.

What’s Next?

If you’re considering earning a professional training certification, rest assured that you’ll come away with workforce relevant skills – and the tangible benefits of a digital credential – to advance your training career. You’re in control of your career, and a training-specific digital credential is a valuable tool for making the most of your skills.