The world of work is changing, but perhaps the most important shifts have come in the ways in which we connect, collaborate and align with our colleagues.
To explore how these connections have changed — and how to support them going forward — in 2022, NovoEd commissioned a survey of 500 U.S. full-time employees across three different functions: senior management, middle management and individual contributors. We asked them about their newly emerging requirements and how well they are connecting with colleagues to work together and learn the skills needed to succeed.
Download this NovoEd research e-book to access seven key findings our research uncovered, including:
  • How organizations can leverage technology and strategic learning initiatives.
  • How job functions and skills agglomerate or “cluster” differently than they did just five years ago.
  • Why many organizations are moving from a rigid, vertically integrated model to an ecosystem model.
  • And much more!