Today’s employees function in an ever changing workplace terrain. They are under constant threat and pressure in their workplace due to various contemporary socio-economic factors. Amidst such torrential environment they always look up to their leaders for a ray of hope, sometimes just to confirm, if their skills are conforming to the requirements of their organization or not.

So as a leader, it’s your responsibility to inspire and motivate your team. And if you don’t pay much attention to that, you might end up losing the best and irreplaceable talents of your team. There is no single way but amalgamation of multiple ways by means of which you can inspire your team. You have to keep on conceiving innovative ideas to do the same.

Here are five ways to inspire your team that you can adopt as well as recreate to obtain your goal:

Team Spirit

For a team to perform the best, the first and foremost criterion is to develop a positive team spirit among the members. You have to know the exact formula of energizing your team members individually and as a group. Arrange meetings with your team to come up with creative ideas. Change the responsibilities of your team members to lighten the work load and curb down the work monotony. Play stress buster games with your team once or twice a week.


Reward your team. Choose the employee of the day, week and month to enhance competitive attitude among your members. Distribute small token gifts to the winners. Encourage them, inspire them. Have a small gathering, declare the winner’s name, highlight his/her good qualities in front of others and give him/her a big round of applause. This brings about a positive vibe and pace in your team.


Communicate with your team in a regular interval. Talk to your employees separately. Try to understand their mind frames. Share their tensions and worries, crack jokes with them, and be familiar and friendly. All these characteristic attributes of yours assist your members in feeling free and discussing their problems with you.


Good employees are always eager to learn. They focus much on how to gather more and more from their leader. But if they are being directed a little too much, they feel exhausted. Realize that. Don’t keep on dictating their dos and don’ts. Be a good teacher, an excellent guide. Teach them what’s required and guide them through the right pathway. At the same time, leave them their own space, let them work independently and mentor them judiciously making them understand, where they go wrong.


Transparency in a boss-employee relationship is important but equally important is trust. Show your team members that you believe in their abilities. Assign them responsibilities that are crucial to the betterment of the organization. Your team members will be overwhelmed and will give their best to prove the higher authorities that by choosing them for the task, you have taken a prompt and accurate decision. Trust them whole heartedly. In return, you will get loyalty and success.