Evaluating the effectiveness and ROI of training can be one of the most difficult and dreaded aspects of the entire training process. You’re trying to satisfy not only your own goals but those of management and possible shareholders as well. Not being able to prove this efficacy and return on the investment of time, resources and money could result in training dollars and/or team members being cut.

However, there’s a widely-used methodology for evaluating whether or not training is giving you the desired outcome(s): the Kirkpatrick Model. You’ve probably heard of this model before, but we’ve taken things one step further and provided you with an easy to use, fill-in-the-blank implementation planner that covers:

  • Evaluation methods for each of the four levels: Reaction, Learning, Behavior and Results
  • A breakdown of objectives, goals and questions to ask consider when preparing each level
  • Relevant features many LMSs have that you can use to implement and automate the process

Use this planner as you develop each training program and course so you keep evaluation top-of-mind and, therefore, easier to gauge after completion.

Trouble viewing this PDF? You can download here.