As an L&D professional, you know how important training initiatives are to your company. You’ve seen the meaningful difference they make in the lives of the employees and to the company’s bottom line.

But not everyone shares that viewpoint. Your senior leaders may feel like L&D is eating up too many budget dollars without having a measurable financial impact on the business.

How do you help the senior leaders at your company understand how effective and critical your L&D initiatives are? Over the years of working with L&D leaders, Data Crunch developed an ROI calculator tool and approach that will help you show the value of training to your senior leadership team. This guide includes a calculator for determining:

  • A time savings estimate based on new approaches learned in the training program.
  • A cost savings estimate based on new approaches and hourly rates.
  • A satisfaction score to show the benefit to employee morale and development.

Trouble viewing this PDF? You can download here.