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three people meeting; one is looking at sales charts on a laptop

Data: Fact or Fiction

3 min read
Many factors can contribute to employee performance, and where possible, it’s important to consider these elements in the measurement plan. Paying attention to these other factors will enhance the quality and usefulness of any analysis.
Group of business people raise hands in response to a question from the trainer

Classroom Assessments: Ask Early and Often

3 min read
To be sure that everything is clear for the learners and that the program is effective, use some classroom assessment techniques during the training. With this approach, learners can receive the help they need while the training is fresh.
blue charts on white paper

Measuring Learning Effectiveness

3 min read
To a degree, learning is its own reward. Employees become more productive and engaged, and learning also improves job satisfaction and retention. But in business, everything must show its worth. Is learning an investment or an expense?