To become better employees and guarantee their job success, it’s important for individuals to understand and learn soft skills. Four of these essential skills include time management, communication, adaptability and interpersonal skills. Luckily, a combination of instruction from training professionals and explainer videos can help employees develop each of these skills.

Time Management

It may sound simple, but time management is complicated for many people. As contributing members of an organization, employees have multiple responsibilities, including attending meetings, completing job tasks, collaborating with colleagues on team projects and participating in training. Luckily, training employees about time management is easy using technology. Providing a training video for employees that explains strategies on how to manage time is efficient and effective. Training videos eliminate the need to have long periods of time set aside for skills training, and this extra time can be used toward more direct methods, like small group or one-on-one training.


Effective and efficient corporate communication are keys to job, training and organizational success. Employees need active listening and writing capabilities. Being able to explain new information, company norms and technical concepts to colleagues or customers is also an important part of communication for any employee.

Here, also, video can be a quick and simple way to convey these ideas and principles. For example, improve employees’ skills by showing an explainer video about active listening and then pausing to test recall. Writing video scripts and then creating videos is a fun and creative way for employees to practice communication. For international companies, videos showing cultural communication norms will help employees cultivate work relationships.


Organizational change can come at any time, and as business and technology continue to evolve, adaptability is critical. Videos that explain new tools are an easy way to keep up with the times, and the information employees learn can then be transferred throughout the company. Providing training videos that show relatable situations where problems need to be solved will help trainees think critically and creatively. Include characters that can be used as a reference for role-playing group activities to inspire communication and teamwork among employees.

Interpersonal Skills

Working in teams and being able to relate to people are necessary skills that some employees may have neglected in favor of technical expertise. Teaching employees strong interpersonal skills help them build relationships and increase morale throughout the company. In addition to role-playing and situational examples, showing learners a video about emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills can help.

Teach these four essential skills to all trainees so they can apply them in the workplace to ensure a long and successful career with the organization.