Interaction is a must in today’s world of training. So, it makes sense that the use of mobile devices is a natural fit for distributed learning since it accompanies the trainer and the trainee anywhere.

Mobile apps not only support lifelong learning but authentic learning too, since they are integrated into everyday life.

Apple’s App store and Google’s Android Market have thousands of applications to choose from for the on-the-go business trainer.

However, the choices are often overwhelming due to so many mobile apps coming down the pipeline on a regular basis.

No matter the volume of apps, these 10 are the must-haves for any mobile business trainer:

Web Conferencing

Your organization probably uses one of several web conferencing services. Several apps such as Adobe Connect and Citrix GoToMeeting allow a trainer to host, attend and even view shared files on the go. Streaming video takes mobile web conferencing to a whole new level allowing the consumer to join in on the full meeting experience via a smartphone or tablet with simultaneous data and VoIP audio.

One can schedule, start and/or cancel a meeting, invite others or pass presenter capabilities to another participant.

Dragon Dictation

An easy-to-use voice recognition application enabling the user to easily dictate and view email and text messages, Dragon Dictation is up to five times faster than actually typing on a keyboard.

Users can also dictate status updates to social networking applications or send reminders using this voice app. It is also helpful in maintaining engagement with one’s team. And, it supports several languages.

Dropbox for Teams

Mobile users can now enjoy enhanced sharing options and integrated file revision history by switching to Dropbox for Teams. This app not only syncs a team’s work across all devices, but also manages team members and keeps track of account usage. So, team members can see each other’s work in real-time.

And, with plans starting at 5TB, it’s no wonder many companies are already viewing this as an alternative to traditional file server storage.

Evernote for Business

Knowledge sharing is critical for business training success and Evernote helps users by creating an open, productive and smarter workplace.

One of the easiest apps to use, Evernote helps remember everything across all devices (desktop and mobile). Creating to-do lists, note-taking, capturing photos and recording voice reminders are just some of this app’s uses. And, everything is searchable within the app. Plus, it’s free.

Echosign from Adobe

The best e-signature app for traveling sales reps needing to get a contract signed quickly. Users can send, sign and manage documents using Echosign, thus eliminating the need to carry large contracts in their briefcases.

All files can be accessed via Adobe’s website or Dropbox.

Genius Scan

This app enables users to turn their IOS device into a pocket scanner while scanning documents on the go and emailing the scanned images as JPEG or PDF files.

The app even includes smart page detection, perspective correction and image post-processing.


The number one app for enhancing one’s social media presence, HootSuite helps on-the-go mobile users manage all social media outlets in one location.

Users can schedule and upload messages while listening, engaging and measuring via one simple interface.


Apple succeeded in creating the most innovative spreadsheet app designed specifically for mobile devices. Numbers lets users design compelling spreadsheets in minutes with tables, charts, photos and graphics while iCloud updates all documents in real-time across all devices.

It also lets users plan, organize and analyze just about anything.


Specifically designed for Apple IOS devices, this powerful word processor and page layout tool helps create documents, newsletters and reports.

Additionally, Pages works with iCloud updating all documents in real-time across all devices.

SlideShark: View & Share

Finally, a mobile app that allows users to easily view and present PowerPoint slides the way they were meant to be seen. Animations, fonts, colors, graphics, hyperlinks and videos stay intact with the number one app for presentations. Simply download slides to the app and then tap to play the presentation from an IOS mobile device.

SlideShark also allows connection to projectors for larger audiences while tracking audience behavior. Users get 100MB of free storage with the option to purchase more or refer friends to earn more. The app also provides file management service with a secure cloud-based account while giving users the option to import from other cloud storage providers.