When training your team, communication is the key to making effective and efficient changes. If you aren’t using modern tools like texting to improve communication and efficiency in training, then you are missing an opportunity. Texting can increase clarity with employees and new hires as they go through training, and it is fast and easy, getting both employees and managers on the same page.

Save Onboarding Time by Texting Study Materials

A large chunk of the onboarding process involves learning about the company, its competitors and the employee’s responsibilities. Save both you and new employees training time by sending study materials to get them up to speed before their first day. That way, you can take full advantage of those first training days and use your training time efficiently.

With SMS, you can prepare your new employees for onboarding by texting them information on what they need to bring for their first day. That way, when their first day of training comes, they will be ready to work.

Keep Your Team on Task With Relevant Information

Know whom you are addressing. Are you talking to an established team of veteran employees? Are you talking to people right out of college? Texting can boost the morale, energy and productivity of your team if it addresses the audience correctly. You can use mass text messaging to remind your employees about company-wide goals, department policy changes and other information relevant to their jobs before, during and after training sessions. Never include departments or employees who will not find a specific set of texts relevant to their own job.

Send Reminders

You can use text messaging to send training reminders, paperwork requirements, open training times and other information. Human resources may have papers that need to completed during the training period for new hires, for example. Setting automated mass reminders takes the pressure off human resources and allows your training to run more smoothly.

Encourage Collaboration

Texts are more likely to be read (within seconds, no less) than emails, and your team will be able to respond on the fly. Texting can open channels of communication that encourage increased creativity, problem-solving and productivity. Encourage your team to work together using text messaging both during training sessions and after they have ended.

Solicit Feedback

Use texting to solicit feedback on your company, department, training sessions, leadership style and more. Using a mass text message, send a link to a short poll or survey, and ask your employees to participate. The more you know about how things are going, the more you are able to adapt accordingly and create a great place to work. Additionally, you can make a safe space where employees feel free to share criticisms and concerns, helping you catch problems before they get out of hand.

Texting was once written off as distracting and rude in the workplace, but things have changed. Now, texting is a tool that many companies use to increase their productivity and employee engagement. Managers and HR departments are finding that mass texting is making their training jobs easier and cutting back on their work. Finally, employees appreciate being kept in the loop with a communication method that is hassle-free.