Have you been thinking of hosting your e-learning programs on a cloud-based learning management system (LMS)? Are you trying to convince management to use a cloud-based LMS to host employee training? If your answer is “yes,” then you are definitely moving in the right direction by planning to invest in a cloud-based LMS. They meet the demands of the contemporary organization and save both money and time.

Here are five benefits of using a cloud-based LMS:

1. Easy Setup and Maintenance

Cloud-based LMSs are easy to setup and maintain. Gone are the days when a team of IT specialists were dedicated to installing, managing and updating heavy software. With cloud-based LMSs, your provider can easily and remotely manage the platform, update it with new features, and integrate and customize it according to your requirements.

2. Low Costs

A cloud-based LMS does not require any software installation, thereby eliminating the need for a huge monetary investment. It is therefore a very lucrative option for small- to medium-sized organizations especially. You can pay for selective features instead of paying a bundle fee for features that you don’t need.

3. Evolves with Needs

Whether you are a large organization or a growing startup, investing in a cloud-based LMS can be a really good decision in the long run. Cloud-based LMSs are easily scalable and can accommodate a growing number of learners. Your LMS provider can help you meet your growing demand without the hassle of purchasing and installing additional software.

4. Centralized Anytime, Anywhere Access

Whether you are a learner or a developer, you can access a cloud-based LMS whenever you want. All you need is an internet connection, your laptop/smartphone/tablet, and your login ID and password, and you are ready to go. Such flexibility is extremely important and can motivate learners to improve their skills. Enhanced skills mean increased productivity, which benefits employees as well as the organization.

5. Collaborative Learning

A cloud-based LMS is a perfect solution for a globally distributed workforce. Employees from all locations can remotely access learning programs from the centralized pool, ensuring consistency and seamless delivery and evaluation of content across geographies. With a cloud-based LMS, you can also consider offering localized learning solutions for those geographies where employees speak different language(s) at no extra cost.

Shikha Bhatnagar is an independent instructional designer. Since 2014, she has worked with GnosisConnect, a responsive LMS from InfoPro Learning.