Rolling out effective learning initiatives that are aligned with your business’s needs isn’t easy — especially when you’re doing it alone. 

That’s why utilizing managed learning services (MLS) has been a no-brainer for learning leaders for years. Yet, there is no playbook that can help one get MLS right immediately. Every organization has its own learning curve and growing pains while adapting to MLS. This period is often frustrating and cost-intensive — until now.

DelphianLogic’s “The Ultimate Managed Learning Services Accelerator” is the toolkit you need to get your MLS set up right — and fast. 

A compilation of curated articles, blogs, e-books and videos, its star attraction is, “Decoding Training Needs Analysis,” an e-book written in collaboration with the award-winning learning team from Zurich Insurance Group. 

Download this toolkit to learn how you can:

  • Streamline your TNA process.
  • Discover your ideal MLS partner.
  • Gain valuable insights from case studies and webinars.
  • Enhance learner engagement through gamification strategies.