Updated June 12, 2023

The corporate training market is comprised of thousands of companies dedicated to the development of innovative training solutions that improve organizational performance and solve workforce challenges. With so many companies offering a range of products and services, the training market is highly fragmented and difficult to navigate for buyers.

Training Industry has been conducting research on the corporate training market for over a decade, analyzing the capabilities that set leading training companies apart in the market. Through the development of our Top 20 Training Companies lists, we have analyzed the capabilities, experience and expertise of hundreds of learning organizations. This research provides us with a better understanding of the companies and product offerings across the different segments of the market, which enables us to connect training buyers with the right training partner.

Understanding the Training Market

The corporate training market is expansive, with thousands of companies across the globe. In 2021, the size of the global corporate training market was about $376.3 billion. As the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic subside, Training Industry projects a 3% growth in the global training market in 2022, and we anticipate the market will continue to rebound in 2023 with a 2.25% growth.

As the market evolves, so will training companies’ product and service offerings. These companies have long been the key innovators in the training space through the development of new products and tools. These innovations help training organizations improve the performance of their workforce to move them forward.

It’s essential for both training buyers and training suppliers to understand the market. From keeping up with industry trends to identifying the right training partner, training managers must make informed decisions on the development and delivery of their training programs. When needing to partner with a provider, training managers must thoroughly research and vet companies to find the right fit.

Training suppliers must monitor market changes and stay abreast of industry trends to create innovative products that meet market demands. It’s also a healthy business practice for training suppliers to conduct a competitive analysis of other companies in their space. This analysis can help them improve their offerings and provide insight into potential partnerships on emerging solutions.

Resources to Navigate The Corporate Training Landscape

Shopping for training products and services can be an overwhelming process. With so many options available, training managers must do their due diligence and find a training partner that aligns with their company’s culture and values and that has the knowledge and capabilities to deliver a training solution that meets their needs.

To create some structure around the training market and streamline the decision-making process, Training Industry has leveraged its research and analysis of the market to create a map that breaks down the corporate training landscape by topic area, product or type of service. From custom content development to measurement and assessment, this map provides a holistic view of the market in a digestible format.

We recognize that this map is not all-encompassing. It’s a growing list, and we are continuously adding new companies. Our analysis of the Top 20 training companies served as a starting point for the development of the map, which then allowed our team of analysts to conduct additional research to identify other companies in the market.

Download Landscape Map

The training market is complex, so we leverage our knowledge to create meaningful resources for training professionals. Our Corporate Training Landscape Map, Top 20 lists and supplier directory can help training professionals find the resources they need to navigate the corporate training market and make informed decisions.

Not on the map? If you would like to be added to the map or have any questions or comments, send us a note at supplier directory.