Do you want all the expertise of a long-term learning & development professional without the financial commitment? Perhaps you have a temporary need to fill. You might be initiating your journey into e-learning or have a new learning management system (LMS). Whatever your L&D needs, staff augmentation could be the most efficient option to meet them. Here are four benefits staff augmentation can offer your organization.

Reduced Recruitment Costs

Finding the ideal fit for a new role or can be financially costly, not to mention the time and energy costs of the employees responsible for reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. There’s also always the risk that the newcomer will need time and training to learn your way of operating or, worse still, not live up to your expectations. Staff augmentation provides an immediate solution that bypasses the recruitment phase, saving you the initial recruitment expenses and the ongoing costs involved with permanent employees.

A Scalable Solution

To remain profitable in uncertain times, many organizations are operating on a “lean system,” employing core staff for frequently required tasks and then leveraging the skills and expertise of contracted consultants to fill additional requirements. Staff augmentation offers businesses a means of becoming instantly scalable, responding to operational needs as they arise.

Instant Expertise

Imagine a new consultant who enters your organization with both a smile and a guarantee. Staff augmentation makes this corporate dream a reality. Using staff augmentation, a highly skilled L&D professional is carefully selected to meet your needs and the culture and environment of your organization. By gaining proven expertise and a multitude of experiences, you’ll be in the position to start your initiative quickly and in line with best industry practices.

Smooth Resourcing

Many businesses that service external clients know all too well the highs and lows of resourcing. You might have taken on contractors due to a big upcoming project, only to find them sitting idly around the office when the client delays kick-off. This situation is a huge cause of “leaky boat syndrome” for project budgets. Utilizing staff augmentation, you can gain L&D professionals when you are ready and keep them for as long as you want. That means you can wait until you have the green light from your client before making your resourcing decisions.