Many training managers have guided their teams to success more effectively by partnering with training providers. These teams of experts have the expertise needed to create dynamic and engaging training programs tailored to the organization’s employees, procedures, regulations and overall operations. When you realize that this is an option, the idea of purchasing a canned, generic program no longer seems logical.

However, choosing the right training provider can prove to be a task on its own. Keep the following questions in when deciding on a course of action.

1. Should we create our training program in house or partner with a training provider?

The first decision is to whether to hire a training provider or make the training program in house. While the cheaper route of creating training material in house may seem tempting, hiring a training provider can be a more efficient, effective and, ultimately, economical route. These teams of educators, videographers, designers and other professionals have access to resources that are unavailable to smaller in-house teams. Due to their specialized training and experience, they also have the ability to incorporate the latest and best learning trends such as microlearning courses or mobile-friendly software. Training providers test their products to increase learners’ knowledge retention and minimize learning decay. Therefore, hiring a good provider can cut down on costs.

2. What capabilities and services should I look for when hiring a training provider?

Whether you’re looking for leadership development or employee orientation, e-learning and other such technological innovations have given training an upgrade. But which provider offers the most cutting-edge solutions? Any training provider that you consider should be able to do the following:

  • Customize e-learning approaches that incorporate the most responsive and intelligent courseware
  • Create practical avenues for interactive learning, including simulations, virtual labs, classrooms and sales scenario training
  • Add facets of learning that provide a unique and user-friendly experience, like gamification, mobile-friendly software and curriculum planning

3. How can this training provider provide a better solution to regulatory and compliance needs?

If you are in charge of overseeing your company’s training program, you know that it often involves staying compliant with regulations and ensuring your employees are properly informed and trained. Are there local, state or federal regulations you must follow? Are there parts of your industry that require safety training? To stay in business, many companies must be compliant with certain guidelines. This is why it is essential that you are selective when entrusting compliance training – perhaps more than any other subject – to a training provider. Their experience with such vital material can ensure that your business remains in compliance and that your employees receive the required training. Good training providers have the skills necessary to make sure that issues regarding regulations and compliance are handled exactly as the relevant agencies require.

4. How does this training provider cater to your team’s specific needs?

The whole point of creating training unique to your employees’ needs is to ensure that they are given the resources necessary to improve their performance and enhance their skills. Therefore, your training methods should cater to them specifically, keeping in mind their unique demographics. When choosing a training provider, look to see if they offer solutions with the following groups in mind:

  • Generation: Do they have programs optimized for millennials? What about the older generations, or Generation Z?
  • Position: The right training provider should be able to offer comprehensive training for employees ranging from entry level to executive level.
  • Learning ability and preference: Take some time to speak with your employees. Do they learn best at their own pace? Do they thrive under instructor-led training? The right provider will be able to offer these options and more.

Training managers have numerous decisions to make before the final training program is created and used by their employees. By choosing the right training provider, this process will go smoothly, and the final product will be worth it.