In a world of constantly changing technology, it feels like there are always more skills to master. Software updates, new utilization systems, the emergence of artificial intelligence — modern businesses need to have more flexible skillsets than ever before to stay relevant and efficient. The key to achieving this adaptability is to utilize staff augmentation to bridge the gap between your staff and the skills you need. Staff augmentation, a type of on-demand staffing, is when an organization elevates its existing workforce by hiring external staff on a temporary basis to fulfill project needs. Companies are beginning to understand that bringing in temporary outsourced experts, such as learning and development (L&D) professionals or development and training consultants, can help them improve project efficiency and delivery.

Let’s take a look at three ways staff augmentation can help prepare businesses for the changing economy.

Access to Expertise

The evolving landscape of technology and industry means that, at some point, you are going to need to utilize a skill that your workforce doesn’t possess yet. Specific project demands may require professionals with experience and niche skills you don’t currently have in your workforce, which is what makes staff augmentation such an appealing solution. By leveraging staff augmentation, your company can tap into a vast pool of talent with diverse skill sets with staff vendors who understand your industry. For example, if you have a new authorization tool that you want to implement into your organization with employee training, bringing in an expert on this software will allow a more seamless transition and will provide your permanent staff the opportunity to learn the skills themselves. It is an efficient way to fill skills gaps and bring in professionals who possess the exact qualifications and experience needed for the project. By avoiding a learning curve, you avoid unnecessary delays and expose your staff to new skills while remaining focused on meeting important deadlines.

It’s Scalable

In many businesses, there are projects or events that have special demands, such as employee training in mastering new software or temporary roles that need to be filled. Staff augmentation allows you to meet new workload demands — this scalability ensures that projects are sufficiently staffed, preventing bottlenecks and delays. For example, if you have a permanent employee who is on medical leave, you can utilize on-demand staffing to account for the absence in a way that doesn’t replace or threaten your current trusted employees, and that doesn’t negatively impact your productivity. Finding a staff augmentation vendor that you trust and that is attuned to your needs will give you access to a resource that is functionally an extension of your team and brand.

It’s Cost Effective

Along with scalability, staff augmentation is a cost-effective solution compared to hiring full-time employees, especially for short-term or specialized projects. By engaging in on-demand staffing, you avoid the overhead costs associated with permanent staff, such as benefits, training and long-term commitments. Your project needs may not require a holistic hire; rather, someone who has the understanding and skillset to help your company with a particular project. Flexibility to scale your workforce based on project needs ensures that your business will only pay for the resources utilized during the duration of the project, improving efficiency and avoiding delays caused by onboarding.

By utilizing staff augmentation, you can ensure that your projects are adequately staffed to the right scale, have the expertise to address niche needs and avoid unnecessary delays and costs. We know that your company’s needs are unique and dynamic, which is why on-demand staffing is an adaptable and powerful solution that can help your company reach optimal project outcomes.