The people who come to you for training have many reasons for doing so, but there is one thing they all need, and that is for you to be grounded, clear and fully present. When you are, that gives them the emotional and energetic space to tap into their own sense of psychological safety and truly absorb the lessons and learning you make available to them. In this article, let’s take a closer look at how you’re showing up for yourself so you can better show up as a trainer and educator for others.

A Meditation for Trainers

Envision yourself walking at daybreak, just as the sun rises over the horizon. The sunlight warms the misty fog. You are walking down a path, and while you don’t know exactly where it leads, you feel calm and at ease in this place of utter beauty and peacefulness.

Imagine feeling comfortable, happy and whole right now. In this moment, nothing must be fixed, changed, transformed, healed or otherwise different from the way it is.

If you’re feeling stress about something, put that aside for the moment. Step out of your life and into a new moment by leaning into the invisible world that surrounds you.

You walk through the misty fog, not knowing what is in front of you but knowing that you are safe and feeling optimistic.

Imagine filling your lungs with the freshest air you can imagine breathing. Imagine the subtle sounds of nature around you — the trees bristling, birdsong in the distance.

Notice as you walk on that your excitement begins to build. You are being led forward by this utter excitement! You need nothing. You are worry-free, happy and healthy right now.

Now, realize that no matter where you are — on a walk on a foggy day, in your bedroom lying in bed or driving to the grocery store — you can choose to feel the subtle beauty in each moment. Breathe deeply, in and then out. Then take another deep breath.

Let your concerns and worries roll away, allowing yourself to fully have this timeless moment right now. This is well-being. This is your true home — beneath the swirl and chaos of the outer world — where you are comfortable, healthy and happy.

In this moment, you realize that you can return to this peaceful place of inner knowing at any moment to establish a sense of safety, security and contentment. This is an endless well of gratification, satisfaction and wholeness — a place of true success.

Take another deep breath, in and then out, and emerge from your meditation knowing that well-being is simply a matter of being who you are. Go forth, and lead with your being.

Train from a Place of Inner Wellness

When you establish this sense of inner peace, groundedness and enthusiasm for life, your outer way of being shifts to match what you’ve created within. By being at ease, you give those you train a greater opportunity to find ease within themselves. Ultimately, of course, that is something they must achieve on a personal level, but how you show up in your shared space directly impacts their sense of psychological safety — their perceived emotional and energetic “breathing room.”

Live and train from your inner wellspring, and you will both enjoy your work more and create an environment of greater receptivity for others.