What does it take to drive profitability? Higher pay? Incentive programs? Great products? In many cases, these are not the main factors that result in increasing sales or driving profit for a company.

What about hiring powerful leadership and motivational speakers to help inspire your team not just to work harder, but also to find meaning in their jobs and work with inspired effort?

There is now a growing number of businesses that recognize the significant value of hiring motivational speakers. They offer more than just inspiration, they provide invaluable advice based on firsthand successes that help drive growth to businesses and help employees find meaning in the things they do.

If you’re looking to maximize human potential to increase sales and profitability in your business, here are the seven ways motivational speakers help you achieve these goals:

Motivational speakers deliver firsthand success stories

One of the most important things motivational speakers bring to the table is their powerful stories that speak to firsthand experience with success. It’s human nature to seek validation from larger-than-life individuals. That’s what motivational speakers do. They are able to come up with ways to mix your employees’ expertise into their own experience and deliver a powerful motivational trigger that breathes a new perspective for the employees to see.

Motivational speakers reinvigorate a company’s goals

Perhaps your employees know your company’s goals and values by heart. They may even see it etched clearly somewhere in the workplace each day. But does the text mean anything to them? Do your company goals engage your employees? Powerful leadership and motivational speakers will work closely with you to re-evaluate your company’s goals and values. They can help you come up with a presentation based on these goals tied to their own successes that will create a meaningful impact on your employees. Your goals will have much more meaning and engage them more effectively. Your employees will become more enthusiastic about your company and what it stands for.

Motivational speakers help people see things differently

It’s pretty normal for companies to experience highs and lows with productivity. Even Fortune 500 corporations sometimes find a low point in their performance. This is normal and especially true for companies who ask their workforce to carry out the same tasks each day. This is good for productivity and your customers will see your company as reliable and consistent in your efforts. But this could also lead to a problem. Your employees could burn out at some point. Hiring a powerful motivational speaker to inspire your workforce can help them to see their tasks in an entirely different way. Helping people see things differently will lead to the creation of new ideas, innovation and strategies that can improve the way things are done in the workplace.

Motivational speakers foster better teamwork

Powerful leadership and motivational speakers can maximize your team’s efficiency.  Having a team that works together means seeing more innovation and faster progress that lead to improved profitability. But a team can only work together if they are aligned toward a collective objective and if each team member is aware of how his or her task is contributing to the achievement of this objective. A powerful motivational speaker can help trigger emotion to build a sense of commitment and spark enthusiasm among team members to achieve the common objective.

Motivational speakers provide an unlimited power to the workforce

Motivational speakers have an immense amount of power to impart. They have the power to get people to do things joyfully and they provide an unlimited power that fuels the workforce to keep doing their tasks with inspired effort. In other words, powerful motivational speakers inspire human potential. When employees lose meaning, they lose engagement, and productiveness and profits plummet. These powerful leadership and motivational speakers bring out the best in every employee and inspire others with the same enthusiasm.

Motivational speakers effectively manage resistance

If your business doesn’t adapt to inevitable change, you will sacrifice a lot more than just profitability. Change isn’t easy. Your leaders and most of your employees may resist it, especially those who have grown accustomed to habit. What a powerful motivational speaker can do is help the workforce to see how change can be good for the company and for themselves.

Motivational speakers help employees find work-life balance

Life is not just about getting into the daily grind. There’s so much more employees can do beyond the confines of the workplace. Powerful motivational speakers can help employees find work-life balance so they can recharge and go back to the workplace with reinvigorated energy and enthusiasm. Such employees are happier and they look forward to each day with eagerness. They experience very little stress, thereby making them much more efficient. And with improved efficiency comes profitability.

Driving profitability is not just about finding new markets and exploring new opportunities. It’s also not caused by simply implementing attractive incentive programs. It involves touching the lives of people who drive profitability into the business by inspiring their human potential and helping them find meaning in the work that they do. That’s what powerful leadership and motivational speakers do.

Ken Sterling is the senior vice president of BigSpeak.