Everyone has a power-up, but what is it?

A power-up is the natural ability to speed up the amount of data we can consume and boost our ability to learn. Some of us are boosted from working in groups, others from listening to music. Some are boosted by being rigorously precise and analytical or by bringing order and structure to their work. But everyone has a power-up.

The 6 Learning Power-ups

There are six power-up profiles: independent, collaborative, linguistic, number-crunch, classify and rhythmic. They are detailed below, along with a key question that can help you find your employees’ power-up, boosting their ability to learn. Imagine yourself asking a team member a key question based on their power-up profile. They may feel like you’re speaking their language.

1. Independent

  • Profile description: You would rather be a soloist than a member of a chorus line. You enjoy autonomy. You believe pioneers represent the potential pinnacle of individual strength.
  • Key attributes: The independent believes working alone can be just as effective as working in a group. Engages in solo activities rather than team activities. Enjoys solo hobbies (such as meditation, relaxing, photography, listening to podcasts, playing an instrument, writing, cooking, individual athletic activity).
  • Key question: From what we are going to learn or have learned, what resonates with you?

2. Collaborative

  • Profile description: You thrive in a group. You draw energy from connecting with people to share ideas, enjoy the company and involve the world around you.
  • Key attributes: A collaborative achieves results with others. Shares knowledge and ability. Enjoys peer-to-peer networking.
  • Key question: How could you work with others to inspire you, meet your goal or solve your problem?

3. Linguistic

  • Profile description: Whether a writer or a songwriter, you use the art of language to express your inner passions and prowess. Words and how you arrange them are your gift to those around you.
  • Key attributes: A linguistic is fueled by the written word and spoken language. Words are the propellant of their everyday life. They relate to language. They are comfortable speaking in a group or public speaking and may speak multiple languages or learn a language with ease.
  • Key question: Can you describe in detail the situation, problem or opportunity?

4. Number-crunch

  • Profile description: In the equation “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” you are the sum. This is because you are analytical, considered and hold the world around you to account.
  • Key attributes: A number-crunch is a mathematical worker who analyzes facts, data and information. Numbers fuel their lives. They are great when performing complex math or arithmetic or when being rigorously precise.
  • Key question: Tell me about a time when you were able to develop a different problem-solving approach. How could that relate to what you are working on or going through now?

5. Classify

  • Profile description: “A place for everything and everything in its place.” You like order and structure. Things can be fun or unexpected, but they need to be sensible and sorted.
  • Key attributes: A classify is super-charged by organization, categorization and sorting. They find relationships between the most disparate things, making connections between random ideas to create and invent genius new ideas. They assign to a particular class or category, arrange things in order, characterize people and things by listing their qualities and make descriptions within a narrative.
  • Key question: How can you take what you are doing now and put it into a new order that makes sense? How can you analyze each part, and then put it together in a new way?

6. Rhythmic

  • Profile description: You have a toe-tapping tempo about you. You like to get moving and keep moving. Things make sense to you when they have a rhythmic flow or sequence to them.
  • Key attributes: A rhythmic is the heartbeat of the group. They are never far from music — listening, playing or composing. Their fuel is the rhythm of the world around them. Responds to regular, repetitive motion or sound. Is smoothly elegant or graceful in movement. Relates to poetry and rhyme.
  • Key question: What sounds best to you?

In Conclusion

When you know the unique power-up for everyone in your life, you’ll be able to tap into, activate and energize their learning to stratospheric heights. The ability to identify and tap into other people’s power-ups will expand the horizons for teachers, facilitators, learning professionals, parents, sports coaches and anyone who is invested in the achievement of others.