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Room full of diverse colleagues chatting and enjoying coffee in brightly lit white office space

3 Steps to Train Leaders to Create a Civil Work Culture

3 min read
Employees are paying greater attention to workplace culture. Data indicates that for organizations to attract and retain talent in the years to come, they must create respectful workplaces. Leaders are the most important pieces of that puzzle.
Businesswoman Addressing Work Colleagues In Meeting Around Boardroom Table
There are many challenges first-time managers face. Perhaps they struggle with delegating or communicating effectively with team members. Navigating these challenges are critical not only for their own success but their team's and their organization's.
Businesswoman sitting across from colleague in front of a window in high-rise office, discussing business strategy

Executive Coaching During a Crisis

4 min read
Common to crisis scenarios are two elements. The first is emotion, which the coach enables the executive recognize and manage. The second is pragmatism; the coach guides the executive to craft a plan that addresses and resolves the crisis.
Modern black businessman on the stairs

Overcoming the Leadership Development Gap

4 min read
Leadership development coaches and trainers are failing the people they are hired to serve. Will we continue to point the finger and play the blame game, or will we look ourselves in the mirror and realize our training methods are the real problem?
Rear view of stressed businessman suddenly realized problem mistake using pc with colleague in office, diverse team looking at frustrated coworker shocked by bad news online or unexpected dismissal

Learning From Mistakes: Error Management in Training

3 min read
We typically think of mistakes as something we want to avoid as much as possible, but this mindset means we are missing out on a wealth of learning potential. We can harness mistakes made during training as a tool to enhance learning by providing feedback.
Busy multiethnic partners working together in a meeting room.

A Boss Beyond Bias: Training Employees to Think Inclusively

4 min read
In theory, diversity and inclusion should be simple: Create a culture that embraces differences and welcomes a diverse workforce that can thrive. However, diversity training is often ineffective due to oversimplification of the issue.
Businessmen and women holding meeting in conference room

How to Practice Active Listening in Meetings

3 min read
Many people think the way to increase their presence is to dominate conversations, but, when asked to name one quality all successful business leaders have, they eventually say, “They listen.” To increase your presence in meetings, try active...
Serious diverse business partners meeting in office hall.

How Great Leaders Address and Resolve Conflict

3 min read
For leaders, one task rises in importance above all others: They must address and resolve conflict. When it comes to resolving conflict, the natural response of fight or flight does not work. Leaders must master two skills: emotional intelligence and EPR.