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Curating the Soft Skills: 4 Steps to Get Started

Sponsored4 min read
Unfortunately, the process and approach that a learning leader uses to vet and select soft skills content is not as widely discussed or as widely accepted as other benchmarks in our discipline. Here are four steps to consider.
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For employees to change their behavior, your training needs to make it past the brain’s gatekeeper – working memory – and into long-term memory. Instructional designers must craft a course in which all elements work together to manage learners'...
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Getting the Most Out of Your Flash Conversion

Sponsored5 min read
Converting content from Flash to HTML5 is becoming an important task for many organizations to ensure that their courses don’t become outdated and lead to frustrating learning experiences for employees.
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Content Curation: Coordination for Success

4 min read
Curation has been a hot topic over the past few years, and many of today’s learners are already curating outside of work. How might we support them internally using the same methods?