We get it. Engaging your learners is always top-of-mind, but it’s easy to lose their attention when conducting training virtually. Even for digital natives who are accustomed to remote work, it can be difficult to access an authentic, effective training experience through a traditional virtual meeting.

What if you were able to conduct your training from a fully equipped studio while your learners participate remotely? Envision the impact your content will have if you are able to move freely and make face-to-face contact with your learners with support from professionals who manage lights, camera and action.

The Inception Company’s studios are designed for optimal engagement, offering:

  • A 40-foot Panorama video wall displaying up to 144 remote participants with the capacity to include another 5,000 off-wall and up to 75 in-studio, plus five robotic cameras.
  • A full production team and studio crew managing every aspect of your training.
  • Built-in tools enabling real-time polls and surveys.
  • Breakout rooms.
  • Engagement measured down to the individual learner with our Proprietary Index of Engagement (PIE).

Download our case study to learn why one trainer said the Pando platform encouraged her to “up her game.” Learn how a pharmaceutical company used Pando for effective, engaging curriculum training on a launch before meeting in-person.