Many think learning content management system (LCMS) is just a fancy term for learning management system (LMS). This isn’t necessarily true. They do share some basic functionality, but a LCMS includes something that puts it in a league of its own: the ability to author and manage content. Content is something a LMS just simply cannot do.

Truth be told, the LMS is more popular and it’s easy to see why. It helps organizations with course administration, classroom management, learner enrollment and limited analytics.

However, with nearly every organization pushing to make their training dollars and content go further, available on any device and ready at the learners moment of need, there is more pressure now than ever before on instructional designers and learning teams.

These learning professionals have started to find that separating content from presentation is necessary to produce learning content for any type of output delivered to, from any system, and experienced on any device. They are also starting to realize that they need one comprehensive tool that can manage it all, versus multiple authoring, management and delivery technologies.

That said, they are flocking to the LCMS. Not only can the LCMS stand alone to bring your learning strategy to life, it also plays nicely with organizations who have already invested in a LMS.

Modern LCMSs manage every aspect of the learning process, both informal and formal, from rapid authoring to delivery. The system can be used to develop collaborative content with design templates, reuse content nuggets across courses and learning departments, import content from other authoring tools, and publish the content across multiple outputs and devices.

Want analytics so that you can improve the quality of the content real-time? The best LCMSs can provide detailed analytics to help you identify your most effective content.

Need to create content that will be compatible with all kinds of outputs including PDF, e-learning, instructor-led and mobile? The LCMS separates content from presentation, creates content in bite-size pieces and allows IDs to create and deliver all types of learning.

By utilizing an LCMS in conjunction with the LMS that is already in place, IDs can provide greater value to their organization as the LCMS provides the foundation on which to provide a truly personalized learning experience.

Your workforce and content are the keys to the effective training universe. Learning content drives learner engagement, which drives behavior change, knowledge retention, and on-the-job performance, improving overall performance of the business.