Microlearning is the use of short training sessions focused on small amounts of information to make employees better able to do their jobs effectively. These microlearning training sessions help employees to master specific, actionable objectives. This makes microlearning especially valuable in the corporate world. It can be used to quickly prepare employees to perform specific tasks and make them more productive and valuable to the company.

Corporate training companies offer many training modalities. Often corporate training entails teaching employees skills that are applicable and possibly useful in the future. With microlearning, employees are taught skills as they need them. The fact they are called upon to use what they have learned right away reinforces what they have learned and helps them to remember it more easily. Microlearning takes place within the context of their day-to-day activities and it informs their immediate actions. This allows their training delivery methods to pay dividends for the corporation right away.

Microlearning is learner driven. The employee selects the training module they need for the task at hand. This enables them to get the training they need right when they need it. It is a device they can access any time the need arises. Microlearning improves their effectiveness, increases the level of their interest, and keeps them engaged in both work and training. Many employees like it because it comes in bite-sized morsels. It makes them excited about the prospect of getting additional training any time they need it.

Employees get many benefits from microlearning. They have the autonomy to personalize their training so it’s integrated seamlessly into their work week, prepares them for their job-related tasks, and doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s the just-in-time learning employees need to continue to develop fast enough to make their job easy and interesting. Microlearning is challenging enough to grab their attention and rewarding enough to make it worth their while. Workers invest a little of their time and gain the skills it takes to help them do their jobs better and move them up the corporate ladder.

Microlearning is varied and effective. It uses e-learning, infographics, quizzes, videos, and more, and focuses on very specific objectives. Microlearning offers many advantages, improves performance and can be a component of larger initiatives. It breaks complex, technical concepts into easily understood segments and offers great reference tools. In addition, microlearning allows corporate trainers to quickly assess workers, map their message, and define the parameters of the training session. Microlearning also drives productivity, improves employee focus and empowers workers by putting growth in their own hands.

If your corporation is looking for an engaging, versatile, effective tool that can be personalized to meet the needs of your employees, consider microlearning modules. It doesn’t require learners to memorize large amounts of information. Employees can access it whenever the need arises. It is solution oriented and easy to use. The program teaches employees how to use the available resources to get the information they need. Microlearning allows companies to make their training relevant to the needs of their workers, easily accessible, and interesting enough to grab their attention and keep it.

With its actionable content presented in easy to understand and use formats through a variety of mediums, microlearning strategies meet the needs of both companies and employees. They give workers the tools and information to address the challenges and tasks they encounter in the workplace. In short, microlearning is a very effective tool.