Technology has forced us to change the way we think about the workforce. In this day and age, it isn’t uncommon for employees to attend conference calls, participate in training and work overtime from the comfort of their own homes. Remote employees remove the limitations set by the typical 9-to-5 lifestyle and offer companies opportunities to grow worldwide. With the possibility of mass expansion through hiring remote employees, it is important to remember the company’s roots and foundation. Having employees who have never been in your company’s main office, or any kind of office outside their homes for that matter, can sometimes make them feel distant. Remote employees can also be unfamiliar with the culture developed in your company throughout the years by the onsite staff.

In order to ensure little to no drop-off between remote and onsite employees, video training can help make the employee experience uniform. Using video training to develop your remote staff and distributed workforce provides a wide variety of benefits to both the employee and the employer.


In-person training can be time-consuming and costly. Using simple videos to train your employees not only reduces planning and organization but also cuts back on the price of hiring a trainer and allows for employees to focus on their work. Trainers no longer need to travel to different office locations to train employees. Training videos also save costs on print training materials.

Easy Accessibility

Learners can access training videos anytime and anywhere, as long as there is internet connection. This unlimited access allows employees to review content on their own to make sure they are caught up on everything they need to know. Then, going forward, they can always refer back to the videos if they need a refresher.

Being able to access training videos on demand also enables more flexibility. If an emergency occurs and an employee has to miss a training day, he or she can watch it another time. Employees who work in different time zones also benefit from video training, which can be completed at their convenience.

Employee Engagement

New hire training sets the tone for what employees can expect once they’ve started working. Keeping them excited and entertained through training will make them eager to start working. But, let’s face it – sometimes, traditional training can bore employees, causing them to become disengaged. Times are changing, and training should, too.

Combining technology with traditional training techniques is a great way to keep employees engaged. Using videos is a simple way to do this; studies show that 44 percent of all web videos are watched at work. Since more people are switching to videos to consume information, why not use them to provide information about work, too? Videos incorporate text, visuals and sounds to create the perfect learning atmosphere. They also appeal to the different types of learning preferences, including auditory, visual, reading and writing, and kinesthetic.

Training the old-fashioned way will set your organization behind. To stay ahead of the competition and in line with modern times, you can count on training videos. Do away with those outdated training manuals, and provide a fun and simple training video instead.