Are you building your community intelligence?

Even before the pandemic, remote workers experienced a distinct sense of exclusion and isolation. With most of us now stuck working from home, trapped in virtual boxes on computer screens, the need to strengthen and reinforce our team’s connection is paramount.

So, are you designing training that builds a strong sense of community — or that leaves people feeling remote?

According to Gallup, employees who feel disengaged and disconnected at work are 18% less productive. They’re also less resilient and less willing to share problems or ideas. Those who experience a supportive community have:

  • A deeper sense of belonging.
  • Greater individual creative freedom.
  • Clearer, more caring communication.
  • A better sense of purpose.

When you build community intelligence, you impact belonging, communication, culture and the bottom line. Download this infographic to find ways you can build community intelligence every time you train.

Trouble viewing this PDF? You can download here.