What’s the reality of training today? 

Poor engagement, low completion rates and next to no knowledge retention — despite learning leaders’ aiming for the exact opposite. Here are the numbers:

  • Only 5% of learners complete their training (excluding mandatory training).
  • Learners forget 87% of training within one month.
  • Learners lose 80% of new skills within one week of training if they don’t use them.

Bridge the gap between corporate training and real work outcomes.

How are we still getting training wrong? Corporate training programs are designed in a way that’s inherently flawed, focusing mainly on passive content delivery. Action-based learning helps bridge the gap between theory and practice and leads to a knowledge retention rate that’s 18 times higher and a completion rate that’s four times higher.

Download this e-book, and learn how to apply action-based learning to deliver a stellar ROI for your company.

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