Training videos are a highly popular and convenient way to train employees, largely due to the fact that videos are cost effective, can be highly engaging and are known for improving information retention.

In fact, studies show that learners retain visual information better than written, emphasizing how effective training videos can be in helping employees to retain what they learn.

Incorporating training videos offers various benefits to your business because they are cost efficient, engaging, customizable and they help employees retain more information.

Let’s break these benefits down.

1. Save Resources and Money

One of the biggest benefits of creating training videos as a business is that they allow you to save both resources and money.

For instance, research has shown that businesses can “save between 50% and 70% when they replace instructor-based training with eLearning,” highlighting how much money you have the potential to save by utilizing training videos as opposed to in-person courses.

This comes down to the fact that instead of hiring an instructor and purchasing typical materials for an in-person training, you can replay training videos when you need to train new employees, and a large portion of the cost of training ends once you have produced the training video.

Training your employees through video means that you can reinvest the money that you save back into the business and better utilize the resources you already have.

2. Videos Are Very Engaging

Another benefit of using videos for training is that they can better engage learners.

In fact, when you consider that 73% of people said they prefer to watch a video than read print when learning about a product or service, it’s very clear to see why so many businesses choose to invest in videos as part of their training efforts.

Engaged workers are more likely to learn and retain the information in your video if they’re genuinely interested in the video. Since 65% of people are visual learners, it’s not surprising that the majority of businesses are opting to use training videos as part of their learning strategies.

Additionally, if you add an interactive element to your training video, such as various quiz questions, then this puts the information that they’ve learned from the video into practice.

In turn, then, you’ve not only captured their attention with the video, but you’ve also engaged their brain by adding a practical element to the training that helps them better understand and remember whatever information you’ve given to them.

3. Videos Are Highly Customizable

Another benefit of creating training videos as a business is that they’re highly customizable and can be created in numerous formats.

Many businesses opt for animated training videos, for instance, as the medium of animation is linked to entertainment in our brains and helps to keep people engaged while also educating them. This increases the chances of creating a memorable video that your employees are sure to remember.

That said, the point remains that regardless of whether you want to create a live-action training video or an animated video, they’re highly customizable. As such, you can tailor your video to your target audience and specific training program.

Additionally, the fact that videos are so flexible means that you can chop and change certain aspects of your training video when you wish to add or alter information.

4. Employees Retain More Information

Last, but by no means least, one of the biggest benefits of creating training videos as a business is that they allow employees to retain more information.

For instance, a study found that the average worker will forget 65% of the material they’ve covered within seven days of completing training, and a whopping 90% of the material after six months.

That said, the same study showed that the retention rate of visual information is around 65%, highlighting just how effective training videos can be.

This means that through creating training videos as a business, you can not only save time and money on re-training, but also create something that is high quality and engaging that people will actually remember.