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Business woman giving a presentation in a team meeting.

Creating Actionable Objectives for Training Content

3 min read
Objectives drive the curriculum. They direct your topics, influence the test questions, help measure the learner’s progress and they are helpful when you update materials and courses. View the content you create through the lens of actionable objectives.
Cut out words from magazines in the shape of a brain.
The more that soft skills are practiced in an organization, the easier it is to foster a productive workplace. In this article, we’ll examine what soft skills look like in the workplace and tips for deploying soft skills training in your organization.

Compliance Training — It’s More Than What You Think

4 min read
Compliance training doesn’t have to be monotonous or a check-the-box activity, but instead, learning and development (L&D) can use business partnerships to design creative and memorable compliance training content.
Black dice scattered on a table

8 Benefits of Using Serious Games for Training

4 min read
Getting employees excited about training can be a big challenge. One smart solution is to wrap the learning content into a serious game. The benefits unleashed by serious games within the organization are extraordinary.