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How to Plan a Productive Annual Meeting

3 min read
As a learning leader in your company, you can play an important role in shaping the annual meeting. Use these strategies to plan an offsite that creates the results your company is looking for.
businesswoman presenting in front of a room

Storytelling: An L&D Superpower

3 min read
Just as early humans used stories to teach important lessons, learning and development professionals can use stories to help learners understand and remember important information.
team collaborating and learning

The Six Golden Rules to Training Employees

Sponsored21 sec read
You may be planning your 2019 program with the best trainers, access to the latest cutting-edge technology and the highest quality course materials – but if you’re taking the wrong approach to training employees, then you won't succeed.
woman in a hard hat and jacket working on a computer

Creating Industry-Specific EHS Training

4 min read
Research shows training is most effective when it is tailored to the learner, providing only the relevant information in a familiar context that fits the learner’s prior experience. Government regulations related to employee training, however, are broad.