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man signing a contract

Best Practices for Managing an Online Training Vendor RFP

3 min read
As you embark on the RFP process and the subsequent decision-making and implementation processes, there are some basic practices and tools that can help make these processes successful and less stressful. They might even turn out to be a career highlight!
manager meeting with employee

5 Ways to Transform Underperformers

3 min read
Are there underperformers at your organization? Have their managers’ efforts at turning around their performance been unsuccessful? Try these five ideas to see if they have an impact on performance.
glasses, tea and tissues

Is It Toxic Culture or Just the Flu?

3 min read
A toxic workplace can look like the flu. They’re both unpleasant (sometimes downright nasty) and cause all kinds of physical ailments. People go to great lengths to avoid them and often call in sick. And a toxic culture and the flu are both contagious!