The ADDIE Model of instruction systems design has become widely used, especially for compliance training and learning events that are not time-sensitive.


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The ADDIE Model is one of many approaches (see also Instructional Systems Design) used by instructional designers and content developers for the purpose of creating instructional course materials. The model has been adopted as the standard approach by...
The problem of training transfer and its most recent synonym, "scrap learning," have been the nemesis of learning professionals for decades, yet very little has changed beyond identifying them as a problem. Luckily, there is a solution.
Mapping out the learner lifecycle and assigning content that engages them along the way does not only help create unforgettable learning experiences, but also helps with the transfer of knowledge after a training session ends.

How Do You Know Your Online Course Is Good?

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Strategic, creative design grounded in recognized models and methods, coupled with a design process that allows for ideation, testing and change, can result in a quality, ready-to-launch course that designers are confident will succeed.